Designed and built in the USA, BY bass players, FOR bass players.

At Xsonics, our primary focus is making a quality bass cabinet that provides complete tonal satisfaction for working bass players, while maximizing ease of portability, and high power handling capacity.

Every bass player has individual requirements for their bass cabinet choice. While NO one cabinet can satisfy every bass player, what Xsonics promises is the smallest, lightest, most powerful, best sounding enclosure you’re likely to find anywhere.¬†Extensive lab, field, and gig testing is done long before any of our products are sold.

We are so proud of our product line and so confident in it’s performance that we offer a 72-hour approval period, which can be extended if needed.

(PLEASE NOTE: That cabinets returned during the approval period must be in “brand new” condition or a repair/restocking fee will be applied against the original purchase price, and all shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.)

Give Xsonics a chance. You’ve got nothing to lose except size, weight, and headaches with your tone!

Thank you for stopping by, and may the groove be with you!